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We are committed to ensuring everyone that connects with Elevate has a good experience, that they feel and experience the values of the community, and that they feel respected, comfortable, and SAFE.  We know this will be a journey and a constantly evolving action, but we are committed to achieving this goal. 



We are committed to actively working to create a space where everyone feels empowered, comfortable, and able to share.  At Elevate we want you to know that you can share your story, share your opinion, share your experience, and share your voice.  To create this space we encourage respectful dialogue on our social media and at our events.  We lead by example.  We share and then we listen to what others have to say, we ask questions of others, we facilitate conversations where everyone has the opportunity to be heard.  



We are committed to developing and upholding accountability for ourselves and for the community.  Accountability for everyone means we are all accountable for our words and actions, we must all hold ourselves and one another accountable.  We will create opportunities for the community to hold us accountable through encouraging dialogue, having an open door policy (in-person and online) and continuing to hold focus groups, have surveys, and having specific time at events for guests to approach us directly.  Accountability within the community means that we are all able to challenge one another, in a respectful way, for comments and actions.  Through questioning comments and actions we can learn and gain insight and create opportunities for growth.  

We are committed to the growth of the Elevate community.  A key part of that growth is ensuring that it is inclusive and that everyone feels welcome.  We want everyone to have the freedom to show up as you are and as who you are.  Through diversity in the community there is endless opportunity for growth and learning.  Everyone will be welcomed at Elevate, any behaviour of the contrary will not be tolerated.  



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We understand that your experience is unique to you and through the richness of everyone’s experience there is no limit to what can be shared and learned.  We also understand that experience shapes the lens by which we view the world and that everyone’s perceptions and experiences need to be valued, respected, and heard.




Turtle Island Safe Space

Our Commitments:

  1. Work to make First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people feel welcome, respected, and represented in this space.

  2. Educate ourselves about issues that affect Indigenous people in Edmonton.

  3. Always address racist language and/or actions when we witness it or when it is reported.

  4. Actively listen to Indigenous people when they talk about their experiences and concerns.

  5. Continuously work and learn in order to make our space safer.

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