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Elevate was started in February 2018 by The Virtual Effect as a way to bring people together, create connections, share stories, and give back. It was sparked by a need to create a space for people to be surrounded by others who believed in them and who could see what they were capable of before others could see it in themself, because as the saying goes, alone we can go fast, but together we can go far. What started as an evening bringing people together once a month to hear stories from others and collect donations for a local women’s shelter has grown into a community that has donated over $10,000 in financial and in-kind donations to organizations throughout Alberta.

Elevate is a community that connects monthly through a variety of events, including quarterly speaker series, coffee and connections, workshops, and Impact events. From hearing what adventure means to a variety of speakers to tackling issues including fair fashion, human trafficking, mental health, and anti-racism, we are a community that is here to grow, challenge, listen, and learn. We are here to be challenged, to give, and to connect.

elevate yourself, elevate one another, elevate community

Elevate Vision 

We will influence social change and inspire action by opening the hearts and minds of others.


Elevate Mission

We strive to create a safe space for people to elevate their knowledge, awareness, and understanding of social causes.  


Elevate Purpose

We exist to connect humans and to create a ripple of action to positively impact the world. 


Elevate Values

Leadership | We believe in going first - with compassion, passion, and by setting a positive example. 

Safety | We believe in the value of creating a space to learn and grow without judgement; a place to elevate understanding

Community | We believe in honouring the richness that comes with togetherness and authentic conversation. 

Philanthropy | We believe in giving back financially and through awareness-building, and by elevating the voices of those who need a platform.

Knowledge | We believe in the importance of exploring different perspectives, sharing experience and deepening our connections by learning from one another.  

Impact | We are committed to evoking positive change by acting with intention and purpose.

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